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Low Stress Spiral Wound Gaskets - SW600 LS LSI

Low Stress Spiral Wound Gaskets - SW600 LS LSI

Special construction for meet the Low Stress;

"Y" value lower than 5,000 psi;

SUNWELL LS/LSI have been tested in accordance with ASME B16.20-2017

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Low Stress Spiral Wound Gasket different from standard Spiral Wound Gasket, it's offeres the same high integrity seal associated with the SWG however.

The SUNWELL SW600-LS/LSI has been designed in such a way that compression and sealing requirements are achieved under very low seating stersses.

These gaskets are intended for use on Class 150 and 300 applications, where customers traditionally do not use the SWG due to concerns about exceeding allowable design stresses.

Winding Spefiction:

The gasket should be wound using a minimal pressure.

Recommended tightening torque for SW600-LS/LSI for flange according to ASME B16.20-2017, Kindly contact with SUNWELL Sales Team or Technical Team.


Gasket should be fitted as loose as possible, the gasket should no fail out and must rotate within the outer ring.


What's the difference between the SUNWELL Low Stress Spiral wound gaskets and Standard Spiral Wound?

SUNWELL: The LS grade SWG producing by more thinner wire and more thicker filler. The die mold pressure is more lower during the winding process.

Does SUNWELL supporting the technical on torque and installation?

SUNWELL. Yes, more details of the techincal on torque or installation, kindly contact with SUNWELL Technical Team please.