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 Special Materials Spiral Wound Gaskets

Special Materials Spiral Wound Gaskets

Special Materials Spiral Wound Gaskets

SUNWELL have the commonly used special materials prepared adequate inventory

and gradually increase the sort of materials, satisfy different requirements,

improve delivery time.

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SUNWELL offers complete range of materials spiral wound gaskets, combining the performance of the materials, produce full range of spiral wound gaskets.

What's the spiral wound we supplied:

(SUNWELL SEALS has all of the following materials for producing the spiral wound gaskets)

> 347;

> 904;

> 321;

> 309;

> 310;

> 317L;

> Duplex 2205/31803, F51 Spiral Wound Gasket

> Super Duplex 32750, F53 Spiral Wound Gasket

> Super Duplex 32760, F55 Spiral Wound Gasket

>Monel 400;

>Inconel 600; 625; 800; 825;

> Hastelloy B3, B2

>Hastelloy C276;


> 410;

> Zirconium Zr R60702

>Range of fillers: Graphite, PTFE (Sintered PTFE, Un-sintered PTFE) , Non-asbestos, Mica, etc.

More details of the Special Spiral Wound Gaskets information, kindly contact with SUNWELL Sales team: sales@sunwellseals.com


How SUNWELLSEALS manage so many different kinds of raw materials ensure there's no mistaken?

SUNWELL: We put the different raw materials in the different shelfs. The material has the painted numbers when it arrive SUNWELL and the tracking number will stay on the materials until finished products comes.

More detials of the traceability management, Kindly contact with SUNWELL QA/QC department to ask for the "SOP" certificates.

Is there MOQ requestment if the order quantity is small?

SUNWELL: There's no limited of MOQ if there's the material inventories in SUNWELL already.

Shall we get the imported style of raw materials from SUNWELL?

SUNWELL: Yes, we're buying the raw materials from the different sourcing, it's not only from China, but also almost from the global market.