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Vermiculite Spiral Wound Gaskets - SW600-V835

Vermiculite Spiral Wound Gaskets - SW600-V835

Critical service gasket design for high temperature and/or aggressive chemical media,

Vermiculite based filler material

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SUNWELL SW600-V835 is a kind of Spiral Wound Gasket with the Vermiculite filler.

It's a critical service gasket designed for use in applications involving high temperature and/or aggressive chemical media.

It is comprised of a sprially wound sealing element composed of a metal winding wire in combination with a Vermiculite based filler material


Filler Materials: Vermiculite (SUNWELL V835)

Winding strips: SS316L, 304, Inconel, Monel and others available materials.

Maximum recommended temperature:

980 Deg Centigrade (1800 Fahrenheit Deg)

Typical Physical Properties:

Thickness: 0.5mm

Density: 1.2~1.3g/cm3

ASTM Tensile Strength: 4.0~4.5 Mpa

Leachable Chloride ion Content: < 50 ppm

Leachable Fluoride ion Content: < 50 ppm

More details of the SUNWELL SW600-V835 Spiral Wound Gasket with Vermiculite Filler, Please contact with SUNWELL Sales & Technical Team please.


Does the Vermiculite filler made in China or Exporting overseas?

SUNWELL: It's made in China.

Is there any difference between SUNWELL V835 from the F's ?

SUNWELL: That's equivalent as F's

Can we buy the Vermiculite filler only instead of buying the finished products?

SUNWELL: We sale the finished products only in currently, we will consider to sale the filler only if the quantity more than 20KGS.