Automatic Bending Machine

Automatic Bending Machine


Full automatic operation;

Automatic cutting;

Automatic diameter control.

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SUNWELL PX1000D is a new design machine for bending the rings for spiral wound gaskets and kammprofile gaskets.

It's a full automatic machine. only need to add the metal strip to the middle of rings.

And adjusting the rolls to the exactly sizes which you need.

It can bending, cutting by itself according to the set up on the PLC.

There're 2 running method, on is hand movement, another is full automatic. It can produce the ring cyclic to the end of metal strips.


Producing range: 4" 150# outer ring and above;

Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, other thickness on request.

Max. External Diameter: Regular: 1,300mm, (No limited after expanding)

Min. Inner Diameter: 120mm

Max. Power: 2.2KW

Voltage: 380AV (Or 220A on request) , SUNWELL can design according to the different national industrial power.

Size: 1,480mm x 1,300mm x 1,600mm

Weight: 750KGS.


What's the maximum width of the bending bars?

SUNWELL: The maximum width is 75mm.

What's the tolerance of the diameter after bending rings?

SUNWELL: The tolerance is +/-0.2mm.

Shall we get the video to know the Bending Machine first?

SUNWELL: There're the video link in the

Kindly contact with to ask for the website links please.

Does SUNWELL continue do the training and technical services?

SUNEWLL: We will not only continue the service until the client can running the machine well,

But also service continue during the further operation.