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Polishing Machine for Ring

Polishing Machine for Ring


Polishing machine for ring is instead of handle polishing machine. It’s easy to control the thickness and improve the quality. Polishing machines for inner and outer rings of spiral wound gaskets

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>Power: 380AV, 50HZ (220AV, 60HZ, others on requests)

>L x W x H = 1.3 x 1.1 x 1.2

>Dia. More than 200mm, Width: 8mm ~ 100mm.

> Speed: Can be adjusted (By speed control knob)


SUNWELL E900PM Polishing Machine is designed for solve the gasket aura processing appeared in the process of burr, eneven, with desmirch phenomenon.

Adopting high speed rotating grinding wheel drive motor, and realize the surface polishing operation.

Have the beter effect to improve the appearance of the products qualitty and avoid burr.