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Corrugated Double Jacketed Gasket

Corrugated Double Jacketed Gasket


Manufactured by stamping machine, full piece.

For gas mains, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, etc.

Wide choice of jacketed and filler materials

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A double jacketed corrugated gasket is often used in applications where thermocycling problems need to solved. Building on the strength of the Double Jacketed Gaskets. Corrugation in this style of gasket materially improves the resilience of the gasket and provides extra protection to the filler.

The Corrugated Double Jacketed Gasket, a excellent choice of high pressure and temperature applications, especially that require extra bolting pressure.

Typical applications

>Heat exchangers

>Gas mains

>Boiler and fues

> Pumps.

>Valve bonnets


Jackets: Soft iron, low carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminium, brass, titanium, monel, etc.Filler: Expanded graphite, ceramic, PTFE, etc.

How to order?

>Please note whole face gasket without welding.

>To industry, national and international standards, or customer specification.

>Materials of jacket and filler selected to suit operating conditions.